ProIV is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool.  It allows software developers to build and maintain scalable business applications very quickly thus helping to reduce costs and improve times to market.  ProIV is behind numerous commercial, industrial and administrative software applications and is utilised by a wide variety of companies to run their business critical systems.

A key benefit of ProIV is that to a large extent it is independent of filing system and platform.  This allows a system to be developed on one platform and then to be offered to a wide variety of customers who could each have their own unique architectural preference.  Porting the code from one platform to another can be accomplished with the minimum of fuss.  This allows companies considering a change in operating systems or hardware to not worry about a potentially expensive upgrade budget with regards to their ProIV system.

ProIV was developed in the 1970s and as a result of its portable and scalable design has been able to keep up with the latest technologies through the decades.   As each new version of ProIV has been released during this time to meet the new market trends, only a small amount of time has been needed to upgrade existing applications with the latest and greatest software improvements.

ProIV is also known as Pro4, Pro 4, Pro-IV and Pro IV.