Candlelight Information Systems Limited has an excellent understanding of all processes required to run a modern billing, customer care and provisioning mobile telecommunications system.  We are at the cutting edge of developments in the mobile world and assist companies in keeping one step ahead of the competition.

We liaise with all departments to analyse your requirements and we speak your language.  We are involved throughout the entire life cycle of software development and we can get our hands dirty at the 1’s and 0’s end or at the high end with project management and strategic planning.  When it comes to mobile telephony, we really know your business.

Here is just a selection of the mobile business that we are involved in:

– Account creation
– Selling at the retailers
– Maintaining customer details
– Maintaining SIM, phone and IMSI details
– Exchanging SIM and phone numbers on an account
– Moving subscribers from one account to another
– Cycle changing and the proration of charges
– SIM/MSISDN inventory management
– Prepaid (Pay As You Go) account handling and charging
– End of period processing i.e. invoicing, billing and general ledger
– End of day batch jobs e.g. un-quarantine phones
– Processing of calls detail information
– Hotlining functionality
– Letter production
– Churning
– Number portability
– Telematics
– GSM, GPRS, 3G and 4G
– Fax, data and fixed line numbers on mobile
– Broadband services linked to a mobile subscription
– Service provider support
– Discount packages
– Provisioning to the network nodes
– Interfacing with multiple systems e.g. data warehouse, rating engines
– Esim and Apple Watches